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Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II Macro VC PZD terbaru

Hai bila la aku dapat try tammy baru nie, cadang-cadang nak juga merasa pakai lensa baru ni. Dengar kata dengan adanya PZD lebih senyap dan mutu gambar lebih baik. Harga boleh tahan juga. Kena simpan duit la macam nie.

The World's Lightest, Smallest 15x Zoom*, with Tamron's First PZD (Piezo Drive)
*For SLR camera high-zoom-ratio lenses with 15x magnification capability. Current as of December 2010. (Source: Tamron).

The acclaimed Tamron 18-270mm VC ultra zoom for APS-C format DSLRs has reached an astonishing new level of compactness, performance, and speed with the addition of PZD (Piezo Drive), an innovative ultrasonic autofocus motor based on an advanced piezoelectric design. The result is a lens that's considerably lighter, and noticeably shorter and slimmer (filter diameter: 62mm) than any previous lens in its class, and provides faster, quieter auto-focusing.

Signature features that have made this amazingly versatile lens the world standard in its class have been retained. They include a 28-419mm equivalent (15X) zoom range, an improved, lightweight, compact Vibration Compensation (VC) system, macro focusing to 0.49m (19.3 inches) throughout, and, of course, superlative imaging performance.

Filter Size
Minimum Focus Distance
0.49m (19.3 in)
96.4mm (3.8in)
450g (15.4oz.)
RM 2,280.00 (Firm)

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