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Canon New DSLR 1100D


Fine-Detail and high-quality images
12.2 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor with gapless microlens array, for a wide dynamic range and low noise images.
DIGIC 4 for fast image processing with high quality images
- High speed image processing
- Improved noise reduction at high ISO speed with little / no effect on shooting speed
- Live Face detection mode (AF)
- Enhanced auto lighting optimizer
- Lens peripheral illumination correction
- HDMI output (CEC compliant)
- JPEG (5 sizes)
High ISO, Lower noise.
- ISO 100 - 6400
- 4 levels of noise reduction
- ISO speed limit can be set for Auto ISO
Advanced metering system
- 63-zone, dual-layer metering sensor.
- Uses AF information for more accurate exposure
- Uses colour information
- ± 5 steps exposure compensation
High speed shooting of up to 3.0 frames per second with a no limit burst (until card becomes full) or 5 RAW

Feature packed
High-precision 9-point AF sensor
- 9-point AF (central cross-type f/5.6) with light source detection function for high-speed and high-precision focusing

Basic +
Shoot by ambience
Choose from a selection of settings based on Picture Style and its parameters (Standard / Vivid / Soft / Warm / Intense / Cool / Brighter / Darker / Monochrome)
Shoot by lighting or scene type
Choose from a selection of settings based on Picture Style and its parameters (Default / Daylight / Shade / Cloudy / Tungsten light / Fluorescent light / Sunset)
Peripheral illumination auto correction
- Corrects JPEG images peripheral illumination fall-off (lens light fall off at edges) automatically to suit respective lens
- Up to 40 lenses can be registered in camera
Enhanced Auto Lighting Optimizer function
- New settings selectable via custom function Standard, Strong, Weak and none.
Highlight tone priority
Creates rich gradations from greys to highlights and suppresses image "blowout" (overexposed white areas)
HD movie shooting and playback
- HD (1280 x 720)
- 60p (59.940) & 50p frame rates possible
- SD formats (640 x 480)
- 60p (59.040) & 50p frame rates possible
- Dedicated menu screen
Ratings Highlight
- Images can be rated with star marks (1 - 5 stars). Users can then browse images based on images rating.
- Autoplay feature has been improved allowing users to playback slideshow images according to all images, folder, date, movies only, still images only or rating.
Large 2.7" LCD monitor
- 230,000 dot resolution
- 7-level brightness
- Anti-smudge coating
Compatible with new SDXC cards
- Up to 2 terrabytes of storage
Folder functions
- Creation and selection of folders
- From [folder selection] menu, it is possible to create folders and to record images to selected folder.
- Deletion of all images in selected folder
- [All images inside folder] has been added to the [Erase images] menu

Simple and easy operation
Creative Auto mode
- For beginners stepping beyond full auto mode
- Basic settings based on full auto, but users can change most frequently-used settings with shooting guide provided.
Quick control screen for intuitive operation
- Dedicated "Q" button provided
Feature guide
- Displays a simple description or advice for respective function. Displayed in each shooting mode, during Mode Dial operations, and for quick Control screen functions.
Available in multiple colours
Black, brown, red and metallic gray

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 Recommended Retail Price: RM 1,999.00
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