Isnin, 3 Disember 2012

The New Nikon D5200

Nikon keluarkan model upgrade D5100 kepada D5200 dengan 24.1 megapixels. 

The D5200 is very similar in design to its predecessor, the D5100, with only a few changes. The lines are slightly more sleek and streamlined - for example the little finger 'hook' on the left side has gone - but side-by-side you'd need to look very closely to tell them apart. The main changes are on the top plate, where the D5200 gains a stereo microphone in front of the hot shoe, and a new drive mode button beside the mode dial.
The D5200 also offers a full array of connectors - along with the usual HDMI and USB/AV out, there's a stereo microphone input for movie recording, and a multi-function port that accepts both Nikon's optional GP-1 GPS unit, and the MC-DC2 electronic cable release. The camera also has also front and rear receivers for the ML-L3 wireless remote. Overall the D5200 is a distinctly well-featured little camera.
Dapatkan info kamera Nikon D5200 dikedai berhampiran anda sekarang.

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