Selasa, 1 Mac 2011

Nikon memecah rekod model baru P500 telezoom paling jauh

The New COOLPIX P500: Beyond Super-Telephoto
The COOLPIX P500 features a 36x wide-angle optical Zoom NIKKOR ED glass lens, shattering the conventional zoom barrier to create the “ultra-telephoto” premium compact.  From shooting super wide-angle 22.5mm to a staggering 810mm (35mm equivalent), the COOLPIX P500 is the best bet to capture the user’s intent with exceptional image quality, even in challenging low-light conditions thanks to the 12.1-megapixel backside illumination CMOS sensor.

dan mengambil movie dalam bentuk full HD 1980 x 1080

Price: RSP RM 1,498

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